How to Start a Vlog and Start Vlogging on YouTube

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Want to become a vlogger? Learn how to start a vlog? Start your own YouTube vlogging channel? Well, you have just found the perfect website. We have a compiled a step-by-step guide on how to start vlogging on YouTube covering everything from starting to growing your channel. Now you too can become a vlogger.

Step 1: Start With a Good Vlogging Camera

Samsung NX3000

You can start off with any device that has the ability to record a video such as a smartphone, tablet or the webcam of your laptop. However, we recommend you start with a good camera since people are more likely to subscribe to YouTubers that have High Definition videos. You don’t enjoy watching bad quality videos and others don’t either. By buying a good vlogging camera you will have high definition video quality, good audio quality and most cameras have built in image stabilization so the vlogs will be higher quality in general. To find the perfect vlogging camera for your needs and budget we created The Ultimate Guide to Buying A Vlogging Camera.

Once you have found the perfect vlogging camera we also have guides on finding the right microphone, editing software, laptop, tripod or lighting set-up but don’t worry about any of these for now.

Step 2: Create a YouTube Channel

Now that you have a good vlogging camera you need a place to publish your videos. Youtube is currently the most popular website for vloggers so we recommend you make an account there. To start creating your YouTube vlogging channel head on over to:

Step 3: Film a Vlog

Alright, so now you have a camera to record a vlog and youtube channel to upload your vlog. Now it’s time to actually start vlogging. If you don’t know what to vlog about, you can film what you do everyday, record your hobbies, what’s on your mind, do some challenges or anything else.

Here are some tips for recording your first vlog:

  1. Don’t overthink it, relax: Don’t plan it out too much. Just start recording and say whatever is on your mind. Being spontaneous is a good thing for vlogging.
  2. Good lighting and Audio quality: If you have picked the right vlogging camera these shouldn’t be an issue. Make sure to speak clearly and don’t leave any long silences in your vlog.
  3. Interact with your audience: vlogging is great because you can connect on a more personal level. Engage with your viewers, ask their opinion and be sure to respond to comments on your vlogs.
  4. Sign off with a unique personal phrase: this helps you personalize your videos and a lot of successful vloggers have their own unique phrase they use to end the vlog.

If you are not sure what to make a vlog about, here is a list of 51 vlog ideas you can use.

Step 4: Edit Your Vlog

To make your vlog more professional you should edit the videos you have recorded and cut out anything you don’t want to be in the vlog. There are a lot of free (and paid). If you have a Apple computer you can use iMovie and if you have a windows computer you can use Windows Live Movie Maker. Luckily there are plenty of tutorials online (on youtube!) to learn how to use this software.

Want to find the perfect editing software? Use our best editing software guide. (coming soon)

Want to find the perfect laptop to edit your vlogs on? Use our best laptop for editing your vlogs on guide. (coming soon)

Step 5: Upload Your Vlog to YouTube

Once your vlog is all done it’s time to upload it to youtube. Navigate to YouTube and click on the ‘upload’ button in the top right corner. From here YouTube will navigate you through the entire process. Pick a good title for your vlog and don’t forget to fill out the description and tags so more people can find the vlog.

Step 6: Promote Your Videos
Social media promotion

Now that your vlog is on youtube you should promote it so more people will watch your videos. The easiest way to do this is on social media. Share your vlogs on your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or any other social networks you’re active on. Also be sure to reach out to other who may find your vlog interesting or other youtubers.

Step 7: Keep Going!

Your vlog will probably not have thousands of views at first but don’t let that stop you. Set a schedule for how often you want to upload new vlogs and stick with that schedule no matter what.

Keep networking with other youtubers, bloggers and people on social media and maybe do some collaborations with others. That way your youtube channel will grow a lot faster.

When your vlog gets more views you will also get some negative comments. Don’t fret over getting judged or other negative comments. It’s easy to criticize others but you’re the one who is brave enough to film and upload yourself to youtube when others are too scared to. Don’t let the negative comments get to you and just focus on the positive comments.

Step 8: Monetize

Once your subscriber base grows and you start getting more views it’s time to make some money of your vlogs. Apply to the Youtube Partnership Program so you can start earning money of ads shown before or during your videos. Beware: YouTube does not let you monetize videos with copyrighted material so don’t include any songs you don’t own the rights to.

Good Luck!


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