51 Vlog Ideas You Need To Try

Vlog Ideas

I think you’ll agree with me when I say that consistently uploading high-quality, entertaining vlogs is very difficult.

You might feel like you are consistently doing the same things in your vlogs and not coming up with enough new ideas. To help you change things up, we’ve compiled a list of 51 unique vlog ideas.

This list should make it easier to produce more new and original content for your viewers.


First Vlog

You want to start vlogging but where do you start? What should your first vlog be about? Here are a few ideas that will help all new vloggers get started.

1. Introduction

If this is your first vlog ever, start with an introduction video! Tell your (potential) viewers a little bit about yourself. Who you are, what you do and what you hope to achieve with your vlogging channel.

To many people on the internet you are still a total stranger and they need to know you better before they know if they want to subscribe for your vlogs or not.

2. Why Are You Vlogging?

There is a reason why you want to become a vlogger, your first video is a great moment to explain your decision behind starting a vlog.

Maybe you hope to become a famous youtuber or it’s just a nice way to capture and share memories of your life.

3. Future Channel Plans

Tell your viewers about where you see your channel in the future. What type of videos will you be uploading, how often do you expect to upload and what are you hoping to achieve with your channel.

4. Overcoming a Personal Struggle

We all have our own personal struggles we are dealing with or have successfully dealt with.

Opening up about this is a great way to connect with viewers as it shows you are human.

Personal Vlogs

Vlogging channels are always personal but can also be focussed on certain topics like beauty, fitness or music. These vlog ideas are for videos focussed on you so your viewers can get to know you better.

5. Share Your Goals

What are your goals in life? What do you hope to achieve in your career, where do you want to travel or live? We all have things we are aiming for and they tell a lot about us.

6. Your Bucketlist

A lot of people keep a bucket list of things they want to do in their life. What is on yours?

Skydiving? Travelling to all continents?

7. House or Room Tour

Your viewers usually only see one camera angle but can not see the rest of your room or house. Because viewers are usually very curious you can dedicate an entire video to showing your room or house.

If you run a gaming or technology related channel you can also create a video showing your setup and what equipment you use to create your videos.

8. Your Morning/Night Routine

What do you do in the morning to get ready for work or school? or how do you wind down before going to bed at night time?

We all have our own unique routines and it’s fun to learn about others.

9. Day In The Life

Your vlogs are mostly a compilation of all the highlights of your day, but why not show the full day for once? Try to record as much footage as possible from the moment you wake up to when you are going to bed. This gives your viewers an insight into what a regular day in the life is like because they never really get to see that in your vlogs.

10. Draw My Life

A draw my life video is a video where you tell your life story and illustrate it with drawings. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be very good at drawing. The drawings are just to help you tell your story and make the video more entertaining to watch. It’s easier if you have a small whiteboard with non-permanent markers but you can also do this with just pen and paper.

Here is an example of a draw my life video:

Draw My Life


11. Facts About You

Create a list of interesting and surprising facts about you to tell to your viewers. What food are you allergic to? What animal are you scared of?

12. Tell a Story

Last but not least, share a cool, funny, scary or interesting story about your life. Share a cool experience, how you met your best friend or any other story you can think of that will be entertaining to your viewers.

If you can’t think of any stories, ask your parents, siblings or friends. They can probably come up with multiple funny stories about you.

13. Rant

You can also go on a rant about a topic that you feel strongly about. You can create a rant video about almost any topic from sports, hobbies, school or anything else.

14. Best or Favorite [insert topic]

Create a video dedicated to your favorite activities, movies, music, products or something else. The best way to do this is to create a top 5 or top 10 video and explain why you like or love that product, movie etc.

For example your top 5 favorite movies or tv series.

15. Worst or Least Favorite [insert topic]

This is the opposite of our previous vlog idea. Instead of picking your favorites you can also do the opposite and pick the ones you dislike the most. What are the worst movies or tv series that you have ever watched? Why were they so bad?

16. Share a Talent or Skill

Make a video about a special talent or cool skill you have. It doesn’t have to be unique!

Maybe you are great at singing or playing an instrument or maybe you can just do a funny imitation.

17. Behind The Scenes

Your viewers are used to seeing the end result of all the recording and editing work you do but have no idea just how much work goes into creating a video. Dedicate on of your vlogs to just the behind-the-scenes. How you start recording, editing etc.

18. Cover an Event

If you are going to a cool event like a concert, sports match or food truck festival. Take your camera with you and share the experience with your audience.


Funny Vlogs

Funny vlog ideas

If you are looking for ideas to make your viewers laugh, consider these!

19. Pranks

Pranks always do very well on YouTube and have a tendency to go viral which could get you a lot of views and subscribers. You can search around on YouTube to see which pranks do well and receive a lot of likes and comments.

Just keep the pranks fun for everyone involved.

20. Challenges

YouTube challenges are another great option if you are struggling to think of ideas for your vlog. Challenges are fast and easy to record, don’t require much time and are very entertaining to watch for your viewers. If you are looking for a challenge to do, check out our list of YouTube challenges.

21. Reacting To

Reaction videos are always well received on YouTube and can be hilarious to watch. A reaction video is a video where you film yourself reacting to ‘something’. You can view some old videos, your YouTube comments, tweets you receive, funny or scary videos or anything else that will cause an entertaining reaction.

22. Parody

Although it’s hard to get right, a parody of a movie, music clip or video from another youtuber can be hilarious.

In some cases it can even get you a lot of new subscribers if the video gets popular.


Informational Vlogs

“Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t”

Youtube is a great way to share information and learn new things. Share your knowledge with the world!

23. “How To..”

If you know a lot about a certain topic you can also create some ‘how to’ videos and tutorials to share the knowledge with your viewers. This works especially well if your YouTube channel is focused on a certain niche.

Nowadays most people search on YouTube if they need help with anything because it’s a great visual way to learn. This can mean a lot of people find your YouTube channel through one of your ‘how to’ videos.

24. Review

We all regularly watch TV series and movies, listen to music, play games, read books and buy new products and services. Share your experience with any of these things with your audience. What do you like and what don’t you like about something.

25. Explain a Topic or Concept

If you know a lot about a certain topic because of work, school or hobbies you can share this information with your viewers who don’t know about it.


Travel Vlogs

Ideas for travel vlogs

Travel is an interesting topic that you can make many cool videos about. Here are some vlog ideas for the travel vloggers!

26. What’s in my Bag?

Make a video about what you are bringing on your next trip! Tell your viewers where you are going, how long you are staying and explain what you are bringing and why.

27. Talk About Your Next or Previous Trip

Where are you planning on travelling to next and why? Or where did you travel to last, why did you want to go there and did it live up to your expectations?

28. Talk About Your Budget

Although many people don’t like talking about money, it’s a very interesting topic to hear about from others. Especially for travelling because it can be super expensive or really cheap depending on where you go.

29. Travelling Tips (or Do’s and Don’ts)

If you have travelled a lot you probably know a thing or two about what you should and shouldn’t do.

What are some packing tips you can give others? How do you prepare for long flights?

30. Travel Stories

Everyone enjoys a good travel story and you probably have a few good travel stories of your own from your previous trips.

Talk about something funny, interesting or scary that happened on one of your trips.


Fitness Vlogs

Ideas for fitness vlogs

If you like to keep fit then here are some vlog ideas related to fitness.

31. Show a Workout

Take your viewers along when you are working out. Show them your fitness or yoga routine so they can follow along with you.

32. What I Eat in a Day

A very important part of keeping fit is nutrition. Share with your viewers what you eat in a regular day so you stay healthy.

33. How To Do X

People who are only just getting into a sport still have a lot to learn. You can teach them!

Show them how to do certain exercises or how you warmup before your workout to avoid injuries.

34. Transformation Video

If you lost a lot of fat or gained a lot of muscle, it will make for an interesting video for your viewers.

Why did you start your transformation, how did you accomplish it and how has it impacted your life?


Vlog Ideas for Couples

Relationship vlog ideas

If you have a boyfriend or girlfriends it’s fun to involve them in the channel as well! That way your viewers can get to know your partner and it’s easier for you to make videos than by yourself.

35. How We Met

Every relationship had to start somewhere, so how did yours start? Sometimes it starts in a romantic way, other times it’s funny or awkward, but it always makes for a fun vlog.

36. Relationship Advice

If you and your partner had to overcome rough times in your relationship, make a video about how you handled it and maybe you can help another couple who is going through the same!

37. Boyfriend does my makeup

Most guys don’t know anything about makeup so this can make for a hilarious video.

38. Do a Youtube Challenge

YouTube challenges are usually already funny by itself but they can be even funnier if you do them with your partner. Here is a list of youtube challenges you can pick from.


Friends & Family Vlogs

Ideas for vlogs with friends and family

Involving your friends and family in your vlogs is a great way to make vlogs that are fun to watch.

It’s also a lot easier than making vlogs by yourself.

39. Sibling/Parent Tag

Make a list of questions about your sibling(s) or family members and answer them on video with your sibling(s). Or if you don’t have any siblings you can also answer these questions with friends.

Some examples: what do you like/dislike about the other person? What is their biggest dream or nightmare? If you had to describe the other person in one word, what word would that be?

40. How You Met Your Friends

Talk about how you and your friends met each other. Did you meet in school or was it because you lived on the same street? What was your initial impression of each other?

41. Quiz

If you want to involve someone else in your vlogs you can also do a quiz. There are many online quizzes you can take or you can think of your own questions for a quiz. Quizzes are a great way to involve your partner, friends or family in your vlogs.


Vlogs With Others

Collaborative vlog ideas

There are plenty of ways to involve other people in your vlogs.

42. Q&A Video

If you don’t have inspiration for new videos you can also do a question and answer video. In a Q&A video, your audience can ask you questions in the comments or on Social Media and you dedicate an entire video to just answering the questions of your viewers. Q&A videos are a great way for your audience to get to know you better.

43. Ideas of Your Viewers

If you already have built a little bit of an audience there is a good chance that they regularly leave comments on your videos and interact with you on other social media websites like Twitter. A lot of your audience probably leave comments about what they like or dislike about your vlogs or what they want to see in your vlogs.

If you already receive this feedback from your viewers, listen to them! They are literally telling you how you can get them to watch more of your vlogs. They will also appreciate it if they see you incorporating their feedback into your videos. It really shows that you value your audience and take them seriously.

44. Do a Giveaway

Giving away a product is a great way to give back to your audience and you can even ask them questions they have to answer to participate so you get to know your audience better.

45. Answer Frequently Asked Questions

If you have been on YouTube for a longer time then they are some questions that keep returning in the comments. Write these down and answer them all in one video so you can point to that video every time one of these questions comes up in the future.

46. Collaborate With Another YouTuber

Collaborating with another youtuber is not only fun but can also result in a lot of new subscribers because you can both promote each other to your own audience.

Just make sure you find a youtuber who does similar type of videos and is around the same number of subscribers. It’s unlikely that a youtuber with 1 millions subscribers will want to collaborate with a channel that only has 100.

Video trends

Just as there are trends in fashion and gadgets, they are also trends in YouTube videos. Keeping up with these trends is important because you are able to participate and take advantage of current trends.

47. Trending Video Tab

If you are out of inspiration for new ideas for your vlog you can also look at what other YouTubers are doing. We recommend using the Trending tab to see which videos are currently popular and try to see if you can use some of these videos into your vlogs.

You can find all the trending videos on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/feed/trending

48. Look at Other Channels

Looking at what other similar channels to you are doing is a great way to see what is currently popular.

Look at what recommended videos are showing up next to yours or look at similar channels and see what type of videos they are making.


Miscellaneous Vlogs

Miscellaneous vlog ideas

Here are some extra vlog ideas that don’t fit well into any of the previous category but are still great vlog ideas.

49. Gaming Video

If you have a gaming channel this vlog idea isn’t really new but if you usually vlog about your life. Why not try a gaming video?

Gaming videos are always fun to watch and there are many, many games to pick from. From simple online games to games on your PC or gaming console. You can pick any type of game that you think best suits your audience.

50. Video Edit

If you are feeling artistic and want to put some creativity into your videos you can do a video edit. A video edit is a shorter video where your main focus is not the content but the video editing itself. Focus on new camera angles, play with camera settings, synchronize your recordings to the audio.

If you don’t want to dedicate an entire video to an edit you can also do a short 30 sec to 1 minute edit and incorporate it into your regular daily vlogs.

51. Compilation

If you have been recording for a longer time you probably have lots of video footage laying around. You can use this footage to create a compilation video.

You can use all your bloopers into a blooper compilation or your best moments into a highlight video.


Final Thoughts

Hopefully you’ve found some new inspiration and ideas you can incorporate into your vlogs!

If you are looking for more inspiration for general video ideas for YouTube you can also check out our list of YouTube Video Ideas.


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