Casey Neistat’s Guide to Filmmaking [Infographic]

Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat is a big inspiration to a lot of other youtubers and filmmakers who all look to Casey for inspiration and motivation for creating unique and inspiring videos. Casey Neistat has a unique style to his videos and is great at telling a story through his vlogs where most vlogs are just a collection of a lot of short moments throughout the day.

We recently created a post about all the camera equipment Casey uses but there is more to creating inspiring videos than just expensive camera gear. To help other youtubers and aspiring filmmakers we have summed up the four main pillars of filmmaking of Casey Neistat’s vlogs and created a handy infographic so you can take in the information much faster and share it with others that want to learn from Casey to create better films/videos.


Casey Neistat Guide to Filmmaking

And there you have it! The four most important aspects of filmmaking according to Casey Neistat.

1. Gear doesn’t matter

Camera equipment is an important tool to create high quality videos but a limited budget should never be used as an excuse for producing low quality videos. Want to start creating vlogs or improve the quality of your vlogs or films but you don’t know what the best camera is for your budget? Check out our camera buying guide which highlights the best camera’s at different price points. From simple point and shoots for under $100 to professional DSLR’s costing $1000+ and everything in between such as action camera’s and more.

2. Story is King

In every video you create what matters most is the story you are telling. Story is king! Video is just a medium to share a story with other people. Story sits at the top of the gigantic pyramid that is filmmaking. Everything else like resolution, special effects, editing or gear are just there to help tell the story better.

3. Never be boring

How do I do that?! Always try out new things, new angles, new locations, new surroundings and listen to the feedback of your audience. Whatever happens don’t let your videos become boring because your audience will stop watching your videos.

4. Practice, practice, practice

Keep creating new videos. Keep uploading. And always be open to feedback from other youtubers and filmmakers. Ask them for tips or think about why they choose to film something a certain way in their videos.

Good luck in creating interesting videos, you never know when your big breakthrough might come.