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Finding good music for vlogs

How To Quickly Find Music For Your YouTube Vlogs

Audio makes up for 50% of your video so having good (background) music in your videos is REALLY important. However, YouTube’s contentID system prevents you from using any copyrighted songs which makes it a lot harder to find good music. If you do use copyrighted songs YouTube will disable monetization, block your video in one or more […] Continue reading
List of video ideas for youtube

191 YouTube Video Ideas for Your Inspiration [2020]

Out of inspiration for new youtube videos? Or looking for ideas for your very first youtube video? Use our extensive list of YouTube video ideas as inspiration for creating new videos! Continue reading
Featured image for list of youtube challenges

65 Popular YouTube Challenges To Do [2020]

Youtube challenges are fun to do and can result in hilarious videos. Most challenge videos actually get more views than your regular videos so it’s a great way to grow your channel. They are also fast and easy to record. Not sure which challenge you want to do? We made a list of 65 youtube […] Continue reading
Youtube's cost per mille

What is YouTube CPM? How To Increase your CPM

What is CPM CPM is an abbreviation of Cost Per Mille, also called cost per thousand (CPT). CPM and CPT are commonly used as a benchmarking metric in the advertising industry. CPM is often used for media with countable views such as advertisements bought on radio, TV, print or YouTube where advertisements can be purchased […] Continue reading
Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat’s Guide to Filmmaking [Infographic]

Casey Neistat is a big inspiration to a lot of other youtubers and filmmakers who all look to Casey for inspiration and motivation for creating unique and inspiring videos. Casey Neistat has a unique style to his videos and is great at telling a story through his vlogs where most vlogs are just a collection of […] Continue reading
Youtuber with camera

71 Ways to Get more Views and Subscribers on Youtube

Maybe you’re already a more experienced Youtuber with a couple of thousand subscribers and wondering how you can get more subscribers on youtube. Maybe you have just created your Youtube channel and you don’t know how to get subscribers or get more views on your youtube videos No matter where you are in your Youtube […] Continue reading

The Top 10 Youtubers Worldwide [Infographic]

We all know there are some big Youtube channels out there. Some even have more subscribers than the total population of their country. Do you know all 10 of these youtube channels? Do any of them live near you? Continue reading

Top 10 Highest Paid Youtubers

It is no secret that some of the most popular youtubers make a lot of money from their youtube channels. This is commonly referred to as ‘youtube money’, you can read more about Youtube earnings and CPM works in our What is YouTube CPM? How To Increase your CPM article. However, how much youtubers make and […] Continue reading

Top 13 Best Youtube Vloggers

With so many youtube vloggers, it’s difficult to keep track of the best, most famous or most popular one. We made a rated list of the 15 most popular youtube vloggers, who do you think ranked #1? Continue reading
YouTube classified

Youtube Helping Vloggers By Introducing Backstage

Vlogging has become incredibly popular over the last few years and YouTube is by far the most popular platform for uploading vlogs. To accommodate for this trend and to further develop YouTube as a platform for vloggers, YouTube wants to introduce a new dimension to watching ‘flat videos’. It’s called YouTube backstage. YouTube Backstage will be […] Continue reading