Youtube video ideas

67 YouTube Video Ideas for Your Inspiration

Out of inspiration for new videos? Or looking for ideas for your first youtube video? Use our extensive list of YouTube video ideas as inspiration for creating new videos! Intro video: If you don’t already have a channel trailer so new subscribers can learn about your channel, now might be the perfect time to make one. Your channel trailer is a video that automatically starts playing when someone browses your YouTube channel page. Having an interesting intro video can help you get more subscribers. Ideas of your viewers: Your viewers probably leave a lot of comments on your videos about videos they want to see or things they want to know. So before you go through the list, make sure you listen to your viewers. Browse through your latest videos and go through all the comments. Are there any specific topics your viewers want to know about? Your viewers will appreciate it. Q&A: Viewers will also ask questions in the comments of your videos or on social media. Make a list of the most common or most interesting questions and dedicate a video towards answering all of your viewers’ questions. Vlogs: If you are not a daily vlogger but only publish videos occasionally your viewers […]

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Fun youtube challenges to do at home with friends

22 Fun YouTube Challenges To Do

Having one of those days where you want to create a new YouTube video but you just don’t have inspiration enough to think of unique ideas? Do one these fun youtube challenges! The benefits of doing a challenge are: Fast and easy to record, not much editing needed You don’t have to think of new ideas for videos, just follow the instructions Excellent for collaborating with other YouTubers or friends Challenges are easy to do at home Challenges always get a lot of views, laughs and shares to help your channel grow Of course you can also do these challenges with friends! YouTube Challenges With Food This list contains all the food related YouTube challenges. Be aware of any food allergies or choking hazards before picking or starting one of these challenges! Bean Boozled Challenge The Bean Boozled challenge is based on the different flavored jelly beans used in the Harry Potter movie. These jelly beans are a mix of good and terrible flavors and it will be a surprise which one you get. The challenge is fairly simple. First you order the Beanboozled Mystery Bean Set on Amazon or buy it at a shop near you.  Once you have the […]

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Youtube's cost per mille

What is YouTube CPM? How To Increase your CPM

What is CPM CPM is an abbreviation of Cost Per Mille, also called cost per thousand (CPT). CPM and CPT are commonly used as a benchmarking metric in the advertising industry. CPM is often used for media with countable views such as advertisements bought on radio, TV, print or YouTube where advertisements can be purchased on the basis of showing the ad to 1000 viewers. YouTube creators are able to monetize their videos by placing ads before their video, during the video or placed next to the video on the page. Youtube creators do not have to worry about looking for advertisers and negotiating CPM rates because YouTube will do that for you. In turn YouTube keeps a percentage of what the advertisers pays which means CPM can differ from the amount the YouTuber earns. What is RPM and eCPM CPM is the cost that the advertiser pays. Because YouTube keeps a percentage YouTube creators do not get the full amount a advertiser pays. There can be a big difference between the YouTube CPM and the amount of money a YouTube Creator earns. The metric for creators is RPM or eCPM. RPM stands for Revenue Per Mille while eCPM stands for Effective […]

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Youtuber with camera

71 Ways to Get more Views and Subscribers on Youtube

Maybe you’re already a more experienced Youtuber with a couple of thousand subscribers and wondering how you can get more subscribers on youtube. Maybe you have just created your Youtube channel and you don’t know how to get subscribers or get more views on your youtube videos No matter where you are in your Youtube journey, every Youtuber has at one point asked himself how he or she can get more views and subscribers on Youtube so one day you are one of the big Youtube channels with millions of views. And that is exactly why you are currently reading this article, to learn how you can promote your Youtube channel so your videos get more views and your channels gets more subscribers. To help you we have compiled a list of 71(!) ways you can get more views and subscribers on Youtube. Don’t worry. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars in advertisements. Spam others. Or buy fake views and subscribers from bots to grow your Youtube channel. Let us show you how to get more views and subscribers on youtube. We have broken everything down in three categories: channel, videos and promotion. First we’ll talk about optimizing your channel(s), after […]

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