71 Ways to Get more Views and Subscribers on Youtube

Youtuber with camera

Maybe you’re already a more experienced Youtuber with a couple of thousand subscribers and wondering how you can get more subscribers on youtube.

Maybe you have just created your Youtube channel and you don’t know how to get subscribers or get more views on your youtube videos

No matter where you are in your Youtube journey, every Youtuber has at one point asked himself how he or she can get more views and subscribers on Youtube so one day you are one of the big Youtube channels with millions of views. And that is exactly why you are currently reading this article, to learn how you can promote your Youtube channel so your videos get more views and your channels gets more subscribers.

To help you we have compiled a list of 71(!) ways you can get more views and subscribers on Youtube. Don’t worry. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars in advertisements. Spam others. Or buy fake views and subscribers from bots to grow your Youtube channel. Let us show you how to get more views and subscribers on youtube.

We have broken everything down in three categories: channel, videos and promotion. First we’ll talk about optimizing your channel(s), after that we will talk about ways to optimize your videos and after your entire youtube presence is optimized we will talk about promoting your Youtube channel to increase views and gain more subscribers.

Channel: How to grow your youtube channel

To grow your Youtube channel, you should build a very strong brand on youtube. Your brand represents your channel’s style in a logical and consistent fashion. Branding makes it easier for viewers to find your videos and channel when they search for it. Make sure your channel and videos align with your branding to build a strong presence. Here’s how.

1. Complete your profile, make sure all information is filled in: Probably stating the obvious here but the very first thing you should do, if you haven’t already, is make sure you have completed your profile. Done? Great, let’s move on!

2. Add social media profiles: Youtube allows you to link your social media accounts to your youtube channel which will be displayed on the top right of your channel above the subscribe button. Make sure you have all your social media accounts entered your youtube channel so new or existing subscribers can quickly follow your on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or anything else. If you have a website or blog you can also link that here.

Social Media on your Youtube channel

3. Fill out your ‘about’ channel description, set your country and enter a contact email address: Your channel has an ‘About’ tab where you can tell something about you, your channel or your videos (What are they about? How often do you upload new videos?). This let’s viewers know who you are and what your channel is about so they don’t have to figure it out themselves and they can quickly decide if they want to subscribe to your Youtube channel. Your channel description will be shown when someone hovers over your channel thumbnail in the youtube comments. We will explain why this is important later in this post.

4. Create a Channel Thumbnail: Your channel thumbnail visually represents your channel on Youtube. In comments or if you are a featured channel on someone else’s channel (more on that later). So you have to make sure it looks good small and large. You can have your logo if it’s a business channel and a photo of yourself it it’s your personal youtube channel.

5. Create a Channel Banner: Your channel banner is the banner across the top of your channel. Your channel banner provides a great opportunity to show off your channel’s personality and make your brand stronger. Your channel banner is an image that is at least 2560×1440 px.

Youtube hover card
Once you have completed the previous steps your hover card should look similar to this.

6. Add a small watermark to prevent your videos from being stolen and to help build your brand: Another piece of branding you can add to your channel is a small watermark in the corner of your videos. This will help build your brand since all your content has the same branding. Cool side effect: this will also prevent your videos from being stolen without getting credit because everyone can see you are the author of the video. Next time someone re-uploads your video to Youtube or Facebook, it will only help you get more views. Make sure the branding watermark looks good on your videos instead of sticking out like a sore thumb and distracting viewers from the video.

7. Categorize your videos, Make playlists, Create good titles: If you create multiple videos around a certain topic or if you have different types of videos you should organize them in a playlist. This makes it easier for viewers to continue watching the videos they like.

8. Organize your channel content with channel sections: When a viewer lands on your channel, will they see a well organized collection of your videos sorted by topics or are they dropped into a mess of all kinds of different videos without any structure?

If you want a viewer to subscribe to your youtube channel you should make it very easy for them to see what kinds of videos you upload so they view more videos (you get more views) and decide if this channel is worth subscribing to. So organize and highlight your best content in different sections. You can learn how by following the steps taken here.

9. Create a Channel Trailer for new Viewers: You can have a video trailer on your youtube channel for visitors that are not subscribed (yet). Your channel trailer is like a movie trailer where you can show the highlights of your channels’ offering so viewers will want to subscribe to your Youtube channel. To learn how to set up a channel trailer, check out this Youtube help guide.

10. Customize your youtube channels’ layout: You can customize the layout of your channel so you can choose what to show new viewers. Show your channel trailer, highlight your most popular videos, show the different playlists. Make sure new viewers see your best content so they want to subscribe. If you don’t customize your channel layout, all visitors will see your channel feed. To customize your channels’ layout, read this guide by Youtube.

Navigate to your own youtube channel

11. Check if everything is set-up correctly: Make sure everything is set up correctly and organized like you want it. Go to your channel by browsing to my channel in the sidebar.

Preview it as a visitor by clicking View as public at the top of your channel banner

View youtube channel as

12. Verify your account by phone: When you verify your Youtube account by phone you will be able to unlock new features for your channel. You will be able to monetize your videos, upload videos longer than the 15-minute limit and more. To verify your account and unlock more features head to youtube.com/verify

13. Get a verification badge if you have more than 100k subscribers: If you have more than 100.000 subscribers on youtube you can also request a verification badge next to your Youtube’s channel name if it’s linked with a verified Google+ page or profile. The verification badge will not unlock new features for your channel or rank your videos higher but will only show the channel officially belongs to the creator, brand, organization or business represented by the channel.

Youtube verification badge
Verification badge next to channel name

14. Upload consistently: Your channel will grow much faster if you are consistent with uploading new and fresh content. Decide on the number of videos you want to upload each week and which days and what time you are going to upload new videos.

Make sure you set a realistic goal you can stick to, your viewers will be disappointed if you promise to upload a new video but than don’t upload anything. A set schedule also makes it easy for your viewers to know when to expect new videos.

15. Remove old or bad videos: If you have been in the youtube game for a while, you probably have some very old or low quality videos. Remove them! Make sure your youtube channel only consists of high quality content so people will want to subscribe.

16. Replace outdated content: If you have older content that contain (now) outdated information or if the content is just not of high quality but still gets a good amount of views, you should replace that video with a newer and better video. Unfortunately, Youtube does not allow you to replace your videos without losing the views, comments and likes.

Upload the newer video to your youtube channel and then put a fullscreen annotation (with a link to the new video) over the old video to let viewers know there is a newer video available and they should view that instead. You know also have two videos ranking for the same topic which increases the chance someone clicks on your video and you get more views.

17. Give viewers a reason to subscribe, something to look forward to: Promise your viewers a special video when you reach a certain subscriber milestone. You can do a challenge, a stunt, a prank or anything else you can think of.

Subscriber milestone video

18. Stick with it until you have at least 100 subscribers and a decent amount of videos: If you are really new to Youtube you might even have less than 100 subscribers and/or only a few videos. Unfortunately, Youtube does not rank these channels and videos very well in their search function. Don’t give up hope yet!

Ask friends and family to share your videos and use our other youtube promotion tips further down this page until your youtube channel grows a bit more. After that your videos will de better in search and your videos will be featured in the ‘Related Videos’ section more often so you will organically get more views and new subscribers.

Videos: How to get more views on Youtube

To get more views on youtube you need to create high quality videos that are optimized to rank as best as possible. Here’s how.

19. Create high quality videos: Just mentioning the obvious here, always produce high quality videos. You can promote your videos or youtube channel all you want, if your videos are low quality you will never attract more views or subscribers. If you don’t have the right equipment to produce high quality content, check out some of our buying guides.

We have general YouTube equipment guides for cameras, camcorders and microphones, but we also have guides for specific type of YouTube channels. If you are a vlogger you should check out our guides on vlogging cameras, vlogging microphones or cameras with flip screens. If you are a gamer or streamer we also have guides on capture cards and gaming/streaming microphones.

20. Stand out from the crowd by being unique: Nowadays Youtube is very crowded so you need to stand out from the crowd to get noticed. Think about what can separate you from other channels. Maybe it’s a unique topic, a certain style of video editing or something else. Make sure you get noticed more than other channels if you want to grow your Youtube channel.

21. Keep your video titles short and related to the video: Make your video titles short, catchy and related to the video. Make sure your video titles grab a (potential) viewers’ attention by making them curious so they will want to view your video. Make sure you are not misleading viewers or clickbait your titles, that will only lead to angry comments and dislikes on your videos which we do not want.

Your video title is the most important indicator for Youtube what topic your video is about and will rank it accordingly when users search for videos on Youtube. Don’t stuff your title with keywords and keep the video title under 50 characters, since Youtube will cut off titles after that.

Before deciding on the video title you can also do a quick google search for that title. If there are youtube videos ranked for that keyword/title there is a good chance you will also get traffic from Google so you get more views.

22. If possible, add ‘video’ to your title so it ranks better in google search: If you have space left in your video title and it makes sense to add the keyword ‘video’ to the end this can also help you rank in Google so you get more views.

23. Make interesting thumbnails so people will click your video when it comes up in the ‘related videos’ section: 

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 10.35.40 PM
An example of a custom thumbnail that grabs attention and communicates the topic of the video

When you upload a new video to youtube you are able to upload a custom thumbnail for the video. 90% of the most popular youtube videos have a custom thumbnail. Create a thumbnail that grabs attention and makes people curious so they want to watch your video.

All custom thumbnails must follow Youtube’s Community Guidelines or you risk having your thumbnail privileges permanently revoked. If your thumbnail is sexually suggestive, graphic or violent your video will be age-restricted which means you can’t monetize the video and it will not appear on browse pages.

For more tips and best practices you can follow the Youtube Creator Academy lesson on creating custom thumbnails.

24. Create a unique intro for your videos: Creating an intro for your videos is a way for to you strengthen your brand and show a few highlights of your most popular videos. This will give new viewers an idea what your channel is about, even if they never visited your channel to watch your channel trailer.

25. Create a unique outro for your videos: Ending your videos with an outro is another way to highlight your most popular content and strengthen your channels’ brand on Youtube. The biggest pro of having an outro means that viewers have already watched your entire video which means they probably liked it (or else they would have clicked away) so you can convince an interested viewer to subscribe to your channel.

26. Don’t make your videos too long but also not too short: How long your videos should be is very different for every channel and also depends on the demographic of your viewers. If you already have a slightly bigger channel with a decent amount of views and subscribers, you can look at the current drop off point off your videos in Youtube Analytics. You can find this by going into your account > Creator Studio > Analytics > Audience Retention.

Here you can find if viewers watch your videos to the end or if they click away before that. You can also just ask your audience for feedback on the length of the videos. This also shows you are listening to your audience and constantly improving your Youtube channel for them, which they will appreciate.

27. End videos with a call to action (subscribe, like, share): It may sound obvious but you should always ask viewers to subscribe, like and share your videos if they liked it. If your video gets a lot of new subscribers, likes and comments  it is a signal for Youtube that the video is popular and well received which will rank the video higher in suggested videos and search.

The best way to formulate your call to action is:

  1. Tell your viewers what to do.
  2. Tell your viewers how to do it.
  3. Tell your viewers why to do it.

For example: “If you want to stay up to date with my latest videos, make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking the button below this video.”

28. Ask your subscribers to enable notifications: Youtube now also has a notification functionality you can enable if you want to receive a notification when a certain channel uploads a new video. This can be enabled by clicking on the bell icon on a Youtube channel. Ask your subscribers to enable the notification so they never miss a video again and can be the first to view your new video.

29. Create daily videos but also create videos about a certain topic that will rank en do well long-term: A lot of youtubers start producing videos daily (which is good!) but a vlog isn’t that relevant anymore if you find it 1 or 2 years later. To supplement this you also need some videos around a larger topic that will continue to do well for a longer time.

30. Write detailed descriptions: Youtube does not have a lot of information on what your video is about. To help youtube understand the content better and rank the video better in search and in suggested videos we recommend adding a detailed description to your videos. Write a description of 300-500 words and include keywords (but don’t go overboard). Make your video description relevant to your video and only include keywords that are relevant because if you fail to do so, you may receive a strike on your channel if the video is flagged.

31. Add tags to your videos: When you upload a new video to youtube you are able to add a number of tags to your video. This is an extra way for youtube to better understand what your video is about so don’t leave them empty! Put some important and relevant keywords in the tags of your video. Even though there is no proof it is widely believed the first tag carries slightly more weight than the others so make sure you put the most important tag first.

32. Include behind the scenes or bloopers: People love to see your personal side so include some behind the scenes footage or funny bloopers at the end of your video. Viewers always enjoy watching these.

33. Transcribe your videos: When you upload a new video, Youtube will automatically generate subtitles or closed captions for that video if it has decent audio quality and there are not too many people talking at the same time. The speech recognition software Youtube uses isn’t always very accurate and doesn’t always transcribe your videos if the voice is not clear enough.

Like we said at #30, Youtube has limited ways of knowing what your content is about so it’s best to help them so they can rank your video better. Transcribing your videos will also make your videos accessible to deaf people so they can also enjoy your videos while you increase the amount of potential viewers, win-win right?. To learn how to add subtitles and closed caption you can check out the Youtube help article.

34. Translate your subtitles: If you also translate the added subtitles to different languages the amount of potential viewers for your videos gets even larger. Don’t speak other languages? No problem. You can ask your viewers to add subtitles in their own language or order translations directly in your Video Manager.

35. Optimize your video titles, thumbnails and description of older videos: Of course the previous tips also apply to all your older videos that do not yet have good video titles, detailed video descriptions with keywords or custom thumbnails.

36. Optimize your videos with youtube analytics: Youtube keeps track of a lot of different data on your channel and videos and generates three different reports you can take advantage off. The three kinds of reports are:

  • Earnings reports: this reports contains estimated earnings and ad performance
  • Watch-time reports: this report contains watch time, views, traffic sources and audience retention reports
  • Engagement reports: this report contains subscribers and annotations reports

If you are new to Youtube Analytics and want to know more about the different reports it generates, this video by Youtube Partners may be helpful:

37. Create variations of your most popular videos: Your most popular videos are your most popular videos for a reason. Viewers like them and share them. Go to your channel and see what your most popular videos are.. Are they about a certain topic? Are they in a certain style? Can you create more videos about that topic or in that style?

38. Add a download link or give something of value they get if they subscribe: This is used a lot by bloggers but not many Youtubers use this strategy. Give your viewers a reward if they subscribe to your channel. It can be a download for an eBook you made, a link to a hidden extra video or a giveaway of a product or merchandise.

Promotion: How to promote your your youtube channel

An optimized channel with high quality videos doesn’t mean you will automatically get a lot of views on youtube. You still need to promote your channel so people know your channel exists. Here are some tips on how to grow your youtube channel.

39. Ask friends and family to subscribe and share your videos: When you just start out on Youtube and have close to zero videos, subscribers and views this might be your best bet on building initial momentum. Your first 100 subscribers are the hardest to get. Your friends and family will want to help you get started and once you break the 100 subscriber barrier your videos will get ranked better on Youtube so you can organically grow your audience further.

40. Share your video on your social media pages: Of course you should also promote your channel and videos on all the social media pages you have. How is anyone going to know you uploaded a new video if you don’t tell them? You can also ask your followers to like your posts and share it with their friends so your posts have a wider reach. If you don’t yet have social media pages for your Youtube channel, create them!

41. Social bookmarking sites: There are a lot of social bookmarking websites where you can share your content and your content has a chance of going viral. Some of the most popular websites are Reddit, Pinterest and StumbleUpon. For example: if you have made a video about woodworking and you want to share it on Reddit. Go to Reddit and find the woodworking subreddit, make sure you are allowed to share your video there by checking the subreddit rules in the sidebar, if it’s not against the rules you can go ahead and submit your video. Depending on the size of the subreddit and the amount of votes/comments your video receives Reddit can help you get a lot of views on Youtube.

42. Collaborate with other youtubers: One of the best and most popular ways to get more views and subscribers on youtube is by collaborating with other youtubers. By collaborating with another youtuber you can create one or multiple special videos together and you can both promote the other youtuber to your own audience.

Featured Channels

43. Featured channels on channel page: Youtube allows creators to add a list of ‘featured channels’ on your own channel page. You can add the channels of other youtubers as a recommendation to your own subscribers. There are two different strategies you can use to make grow your youtube channel with this. The first may sound counterintuitive but we recommend adding the most authoritative and popular channels in your niche to these featured channels. This is so viewers will make a mental association between you and these bigger youtube channel. By creating this mental association your viewers will think you are part of that community and their authority will trickle down to your channel.

The second strategy is to find youtubers in your niche with around the same number of subscribers (give or take) as you and add them to your channels list of Featured Channels. After you have added the channel send the channel owner a message that you added their channel to your Featured Channels. By adding them to your channel you are giving them extra exposure which they will greatly appreciate. Use this to build a relationship that can lead to more cross-promotion or collaboration videos or ask if they can also feature your channel on their list of Featured Channels. The worst that can happen is they don’t reply or refuse, in which case you can always try it with other channels.

44. Do a collaboration series where both channels upload a part of the series: Instead of just doing a single video in collaboration with another youtuber you can also create a series with multiple videos and release the series on both channels. For example, you create a series of 4 videos. You upload video 1 and 3 while the other youtuber uploads video 2 and 4. This is very effective in promoting the other channel to your audience and promoting yourself to another audience since viewers have to visit your channel if they want to watch the full series.

45. Collaborate, Collaborate, Collaborate: You shouldn’t just limit yourself to collaborating with other youtubers to promote yourself. There are a lot of different people, businesses, events and communities you can collaborate with. Here are a few:

  • Local businesses
  • Bigger companies that operate nation or worldwide
  • Blogs or bloggers
  • Music creators/Graphic Designers
  • Streamers
  • Schools
  • Communities
  • Sport clubs
  • Events (fundraisers, concerts, conventions)

46. Interact with your audience, ask questions, encourage comments: If you want to grow your youtube channel you need to interact with your audience. You shouldn’t upload a video and walk away. Encourage your viewers to leave a comment with feedback or ask them a question in the video which they can answer in the comments. If they ask you a question, answer them. Doing this shows your viewers you really care about your audience and value their input which never goes unnoticed. Also, the more interactions (likes and comments) you have on your videos, the better youtube will rank your video.

47. Also reply to negative comments: When you’re replying to the comments on your videos, do not only reply to the positive comments. If someone says they don’t like (a part of) your video, ask them why and what they think you should do instead to improve your videos. This shows all commenters that you are not just replying to messages praising you or your video but also reply to negative comments.

Comments like ‘You suck!’ or a bunch of swear words without any constructive feedback should be ignored and you can also choose to ban the user from commenting on your videos.

48. Research what content gets you the most views and subscribers, then do more of that: Dive into your Youtube Analytics and find the Subscribers report. You can find this report by selecting your account > Creator Studio > Analytics > Subscribers. This report show how much subscribers you’ve gained or lost on your videos.

Use this information to understand what videos get you more views and subscribers and what content makes current subscribers unsubscribe. By understanding where your current views and subscribers are coming from, you’re better able to optimize how and where you can promote future videos so they attract more views and subscribers.

49. Comment on other channels’ recent videos: Another way you can get views on your youtube channel is by commenting on recent videos of youtubers who are in the same niche as you. Don’t spam them! Leave a positive comment or ask an interesting question. If other commenters regularly see you commenting or if they see your channel name, thumbnail and description and are curious what kind of videos you post they will check out your channel.

You can find videos to comment on by searching for a relevant keyword and filtering the search result on upload date ‘today’:

Youtube search results of today

If you want to find similar youtube channels but don’t know where to find them you can also go to your videos and see what channels are shown in ‘Related Videos’, go to your channel and see what channels are shown in ‘Related Channels’ or just ask your subscribers what other youtube channels they follow.

50. Start a blog and share/embed your videos there: Just because your main medium is video should not mean you don’t have a website/blog. So if you don’t have one, create one! You can buy a domain and install wordpress or just create an account on Tumblr or another blogging website. When you post a new video you should share or embed it on your blog and write a short intro about the video. Not only will your video rank on youtube, your blog will now also attract new visitors from Google getting twice as many views!

51. If your blog has e-mail list, mail them about your new video: If you already have been blogging for a while and have build an e-mail list of readers who want to receive your newsletter you can also share your new videos by mailing your e-mail list.

52. Do a live stream on youtube: Live video/live streaming has become very popular and is a good way to attract new viewers to your Youtube channel. Live streams are very good at attracting new views because they create a sense of urgency, viewers don’t know when your stream will end so they will click on it faster instead of putting it off until later which can be done with videos. Live streams also have the added benefit that you can interact with your audience in real time.

Because Youtube is heavily promoting this feature they will also show your live stream on the suggested videos module on the homepage of a youtube user. To help you get started Youtube has created a Live streaming guide which gives all the information you need to start live streaming.

53. Do live video on twitch, Facebook, periscope or meerkat: Apart from Youtube there are lots of other social media networks that do live video. By using these other platforms you are able to reach a new audience who might have never found your videos on Youtube. If you create gaming videos you can use Twitch.tv to live stream your games while the others are for more general purposes.

54. Promote your channel, not only your videos: When you are using all our tips and tricks for promoting your videos, don’t forget that you should also be promoting your channel! Someone might not enjoy a certain video you created while they may like some other videos you have created.

55. Create a response video to someone else’s video: Create a video that is a direct response or a reference to another more popular youtube channel. An excellent case study for this strategy is the Youtube channel of Sarah Dietschy. She made a video mocking the editing and filming style of popular youtuber Casey Neistat. Casey really liked the video and shared it with his 2.2 Million subscribers. This helped Sarah’s channel, which had just 3400 subscribers at the time of uploading the video, gain almost 34.000 subscribers in 24 HOURS. Less than a month later she hit 100.000 subscribers.

Sarah Dietschy subscriber count
Notice how it took her 2 YEARS to hit 3400 subscribers but applying this tactic got her over 96.000 subscribers in a MONTH

56. Create a response video to a current topic: You can also create a response video to a current topic. If you want to know what topics are currently trending check out Google Trends which tracks all mentions of a certain topic across news articles or check out the trending topics on Twitter or Facebook. Videos on trending topics always do well on their own but if you’re lucky your video may be featured in a news article and/or go viral on social media.

57. Create a video for public holidays: Videos that relate to current events always do very well so for the next holiday, create a video relating to that holiday. Here are some holidays you can create videos for:

  • Christmas
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Independence Day
  • Easter
  • Mother’s/Father’s Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Superbowl Sunday

58. Use annotations to link viewers to relevant videos: Of course you can also promote your videos on your own videos! Use Youtube’s annotation tool to add annotations to your video linking to other videos you’ve created. It’s important that these annotations are relevant and don’t annoy your viewers (so don’t block the entire video with a non-transparent annotation). If you don’t know how to create and edit annotations you can use Youtube’s help article where they also share some advanced tips for annotations usage.

59. Upload your videos directly to Facebook: We discussed doing live streams on other platforms earlier but you can also share your videos on different platforms to reach new audiences who might have never found you on Youtube. We recommend directly uploading the video instead of sharing the Youtube link since direct videos start playing automatically (which grabs extra attention) and videos typically see much more engagement than sharing a youtube link. Facebook allows you to end a call to action at the end of your video which you can use to send viewers to your channel on youtube.

60. Find relevant Facebook groups to promote your video in: Facebook groups are another good way of promoting your videos or channel, these groups are centered around a certain niche or topic so you can easily find your target audience. Just enter your keyword, topic or niche into Facebook’s search bar and select ‘Groups’.

Find facebook groups to promote your youtube channel

61. If your videos are about a certain topic, find a forum around that topic and promote your videos there: Just as you can find your target audience on Facebook Groups you can also find them on a forum around your channels’ main topic. To find forums in your niche just google [your keyword] +  “forum”.

62. Youtube Fan Finder:  Youtube has a program called Fan Finder. Fan Finder is a way for channels to promote themselves and find new fans. Fan Finder works by creating a channel ad, uploading that to Youtube and Youtube will find potential fans to promote your channel to. How easy is that?! You can learn more about Fan Finder and upload your channel ad on youtube.com/yt/fanfinder.

63. Paid ads on Facebook: All tips and tactics shared so far have been completely free ways to promote your youtube channel. But if you have some budget to spend on marketing and promoting your channel there are a few more paid options. You can also use Facebook Ads to promote your videos.

Using Facebook Ads to promote your videos are an excellent way to raise awareness about your channel and reach your (potential) audience since there are a lot of targeting options. Simply create a Facebook ad with the objective ‘Get video views’ and Facebook will walk you through the rest of the setup.

64. Paid ads on Reddit: Another way to promote your videos is by using ads on Reddit. The subreddit system easily let’s you find your target audience and the ads are fairly cheap compared to other options. Only spending $5 or $10 will already get you a lot of views.

65. Link building for your videos, this will help them rank better: Building backlinks to your website is usually to rank websites higher in Google. But Google, the owner of Youtube, also values backlinks to your videos which will rank them better in Youtube’s and Google’s search. We won’t go in-depth into backlink building in this post but you can find plenty of helpful resources by searching on Google.

66. Create more channels about different topics: If you create a lot of videos about different topics it might be best to create multiple channels (one for every topic). This is already done by a lot of bigger Youtubers that create a separate channel for their gaming videos or for their vlogs while keeping their main channel about their main topic. By separating your channels by topics you can fully optimize each channel to the content you post on that channel. You also create a spider web of channels that branch out in different niches/topics but all lead back to your main channel, increasing the chance someone find your content and subscribes to multiple channels.

Multiple channels youtube

Bonus Content: 5 extra tips to grow your Youtube channel

  1. Keep an eye out on the ‘What’s new’ section in your creator dashboard to see if there are new features you can take advantage of. To access the Creator Dashboard, simply navigate to the Video Manager and click on the Dashboard tab, or head directly to youtube.com/dashboard.
  2. Youtube has made a free in-depth course about starting and growing your youtube channel which is called Youtube Creator Academy. It is definitely worth checking out to learn more how to get more views, more subscribers, interacting with fans and maximizing engagement and improving your production skills to produce higher quality videos.
  3. Another cool free resource from youtube which is worth checking out is the Youtube Creator Hub. The Youtube Creator Hub is a benefits program where youtube provides extra benefits for your youtube channel depending on the number of subscribers you have. Depending on how many youtube subscribers you have you can get invited to meet-ups, join workshops, get channel consultation, unlock production access at Youtube Spaces and much more.
  4. Keep optimizing with Youtube Analytics: Your analytics data is an absolute GOLDMINE of information you can use to improve your Youtube Channels’ performance. Use that to your advantage and try to get a clear view of how your channel and your content is performing. Optimize your earnings by seeing what ads perform best, get more views by improving the watch time of your videos, seeing what videos get the most views, what traffic sources bring the most subscribers and much much more. Take out the guesswork of growing your youtube channel and use indisputable data to improve.
  5. TEST, TEST, TEST: Try out new and different things. Different types of videos, short videos, long videos, different editing styles etc. Don’t be afraid to innovate. Use Youtube Analytics to see how these experiments perform. If a new video does not perform well, so what? You tried it and you now know it doesn’t work. If it performs really well? Create more similar videos. You will be able to get more views, gain more subscribers and grow your youtube channel further.

That’s all for now. Apply these tips and tactics to your Youtube channel and let us know how it goes

If you have any questions about any of these tactics, feel free to ask us any questions you might have. We love to help you grow your youtube channel by getting more views and subscribers.

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