Best Vlog Editing Software

Vlog editing software guide

After you have filmed your vlog there is another important step to take before you upload your new vlog to Youtube, editing!

When you are editing your vlog you can add your branding (intro, outro, watermark) but mostly you trim your footage, add or edit sound, add text or title screens or do some color corrections.

Editing vlogs is relatively simple since you don’t need to add many special effects and just need to make sure you use your most entertaining footage and the video flows well.

A lot of youtubers that have just started vlogging are wondering what video editing software they should use or what video editing software other popular vloggers use.

To help you get started and be able to edit your vlogs into professional videos we have compiled a list of the best vlog editing software.

Free Vlog Editing Software

When you have just started vlogging there is no reason to immediately spend thousands of dollars on expensive and complicated video editing software.

Chances are you already have video editing software installed on your computer which you can use to get started. Because these programs are free they are also limited in options they have.

You can use these to start out and once you have got the hang of it and feel like the software is limiting your creativity you can move to the more advanced vlog editing software programs in this guide.


If you have an Apple computer like an iMac or Macbook on a recent operating system you should have iMovie pre-installed.

iMovie is a very user friendly vlog editing program that can handle video footage with up to Ultra HD/4K resolution. Just choose and trim the clips you want to use in your vlog. Insert titles, add effects, everything you want to do can be accomplished with a single drag and drop.

Once you’re done, iMovie has a lot of export features so you can directly upload it on Youtube or Facebook or share it via e-mail. If you want more information about iMovie check out Apple’s website.

Windows Movie Maker

If you are on Windows you do not have iMovie but Microsoft has also pre-installed free video editing software on Windows.

Windows movie maker is very easy to use for everyone that has no experience with video editing. You can quickly import all your video clips, place them in the timeline, trim them, add music, add transitions and more.

Once you dragged and dropped everything in the right place you can preview the video and save or export it.

Advanced Vlog Editing Software

Free video editing software is great if you just want to trim or join different clips for your vlogs but anything else you might want to do like time lapses and color correction are mostly out of reach.

For more advanced video editing you will need to use more advanced video editing software so you can create professional vlogs. Some of these programs are only available on Mac or on Windows so make sure you pick the right software for your operating system.

Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite 13

Platform: Windows

Sony Movie Studio has two edit modes: simple and advanced. The simple edit mode is a great way to make basic edits to your vlogs, quickly finish the video and upload it to youtube. Advanced edit mode allows you to much more. In advanced edit mode you can create projects with multiple layers and effects, edit 4K video, use compositing and color-correction tools to create a more polished look and you can even create green screen projects with this software.

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Adobe Premiere Elements 14

Adobe Premiere Elements 14

Platform: Mac and Windows

Another great vlog editing program is Adobe Premiere Elements 14. Premiere Elements 14 allows you to easily organize your vlog footage by ordering or labeling your recorded footage. With premiere elements 14 you can quickly go from rough clips to fully edited movies and guided edits make this even easier. Create slow-motion, fast-motion or make one or more colors pop in a scene while the rest of the image is black-and-white. The software is able to edit and view footage up to 4K and supports a wide variety of motion titles and visual effects.

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Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X interface

Platform: Mac

Final Cut Pro X is an incredibly powerful video editing software that is used by popular vloggers like Casey Neistat and Zoella. Final Cut Pro X does not only have a lot of features but is also focused on speeding up your editing workflow so you can finish your vlogs faster and upload them to youtube. To learn more about all the features of Final Cut Pro X you or to download the program you can visit Apple’s website. Apple also offers a free 30-day trial to try out the software before you decide to purchase.

To get the most out of using Final Cut Pro X and all the different features it has. We highly recommend the book The Focal Easy Guide to Final Cut Pro X by Rick Young. This book guides you through all the key concepts and vital knowledge you need to edit your vlogs in easy step-by-step tutorials. The author even provides downloadable video footage you can use to apply all the techniques covered in this book.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro interface

Platform: Mac and Windows

The main competitor of Final Cut Pro X is Adobe Premiere Pro. Premiere Pro supports 4K footage, raw footage and a wide variety of codecs. The main advantages Premiere Pro has over Final Cut Pro X is are that it works extremely well with other Adobe products, all your assets are stored in the cloud so you can access them anywhere from any device and it costs only $19.99 a month instead of the big upfront cost other video editing programs charge. If you want to learn more about all the different features of Adobe Premiere Pro, see it in action or download a free trial to try out the software, visit Adobe Premiere Pro.

Since Premiere Pro has a lot of different features and settings we highly recommend picking up some educational material to make full use of the power of Premiere Pro. Adobe Premiere Pro CC Clasroom in a Book contains 19 project-based lessons so you can learn all the key techniques step-by-step. This includes anything from basic things like organizing media, using audio or creating transitions to advanced techniques like mixing sound, compositing footage, adjusting color or compressing and exporting files.

Vlog Editing Apps

iPhone – iOS

If you want to edit your vlogs on your iPhone we highly recommend going with Apple’s own iMovie app. This works especially well if you might want to switch between your iPhone and Apple computer when editing since iMovie works very well between these devices.

Unfortunately even though iMovie is free on your Apple computer, you will have to spend $4.99 to download it on your iPhone. However 5 bucks is not too bad considering you get a mobile video editing app that works very well and is able to export Full HD without watermark.


For Android phones we recommend Adobe Premiere Clips. This video editor brings all the basic editing functionalities to your phone. You can trim clips, add music, add title slides, apply filters or make video adjustments like adjusting exposure or shadow levels.

A noteworthy competitor is PowerDirector however this is a paid app ($5) while Adobe Premiere Clips is completely free.


You now know exactly what vlog editing software you should use! If you are still looking for camera equipment to film with you should check out our buying guides on vlogging cameras and vlogging microphones.