Vlog Ideas You Need To Try

21 Vlogging Ideas You Need To Try

Wouldn’t you agree that consistently uploading high-quality, entertaining vlogs is very difficult? You might feel like you are consistently doing the same things in your vlogs and not coming up with enough new ideas. To help you change things up, we’ve compiled a list of 21 content ideas you can incorporate in your vlogs. This list should make it easier to produce more new and original content for your viewers.

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Finding good music for vlogs

How To Quickly Find Music For Your YouTube Vlogs

Audio makes up for 50% of your video so having good (background) music in your videos is REALLY important. However, YouTube’s contentID system prevents you from using any copyrighted songs which makes it a lot harder to find good music. If you do use copyrighted songs YouTube will disable monetization, block your video in one or more countries (sometimes even worldwide!) and after multiple strikes even ban your YouTube account! This forces many vloggers and YouTubers to search for hours to find good music which is incredibly frustrating. To make this process easier and less time-consuming, we have compiled a list of all the sources where you can find good copyright free music for your vlogs.

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