67 YouTube Video Ideas for Your Inspiration

Youtube video ideas

Out of inspiration for new videos? Or looking for ideas for your first youtube video? Use our extensive list of YouTube video ideas as inspiration for creating new videos!

  1. Intro video: If you don’t already have a channel trailer so new subscribers can learn about your channel, now might be the perfect time to make one. Your channel trailer is a video that automatically starts playing when someone browses your YouTube channel page. Having an interesting intro video can help you get more subscribers.
  2. Ideas of your viewers: Your viewers probably leave a lot of comments on your videos about videos they want to see or things they want to know. So before you go through the list, make sure you listen to your viewers. Browse through your latest videos and go through all the comments. Are there any specific topics your viewers want to know about? Your viewers will appreciate it.
  3. Q&A: Viewers will also ask questions in the comments of your videos or on social media. Make a list of the most common or most interesting questions and dedicate a video towards answering all of your viewers’ questions.
  4. Vlogs: If you are not a daily vlogger but only publish videos occasionally your viewers are probably curious about your daily life and what you do outside of YouTube. Do a vlog where you show a bit more about your daily life.
  5. Room/house tour: If you always show the same angle in your videos your viewers are probably curious about the rest of the room or house. You can do a house tour and show your living room, your bedroom and why you decorated in a certain way.
  6. Funny facts/stories about me: Everyone has some funny stories or weird facts about themselves. Tell your viewers about that time you locked yourself out of the house or the fact that you are scared of clowns. If you can’t think of any funny stories about yourself you can ask your parents, siblings, friends or other family.
  7. Sibling tag: Make a list of 10 questions about your sibling(s) (who is older? what do you like/dislike about your sibling? What is their biggest dream or nightmare? If you had to describe your sibling in one word, what word would that be?) and answer them on video with your sibling(s). Or if you don’t have any siblings you can also answer these questions with friends.
  8. Setup video: Show your viewers what equipment you use for creating your videos. What equipment did you start out with and why did you buy the equipment you currently own. This will make an interesting video for all your videos that might want to start their own YouTube channel.
  9. Behind the scenes: Most people believe that being a YouTuber is very easy and barely takes any work. So create a video to show your viewers everything that goes into making videos. Writing a script, recording, editing, publishing etc.
  10. What is on my phone: Create a video showing all the apps you have on your phone and which one you use the most.
  11. Day in the life: Make a video about what an average day in your life looks like, not just the highlights. You may think this makes for a boring video but your viewers will love it because it’s relatable. This is similar to a vlog but vlogs usually only contain the most exciting parts of a day.
  12. Tags: Make a list of funny questions about facts, stories or memories and answer them alone or with someone else for a tag video.
  13. Morning routine: What does your morning routine look like? Do you snooze 10x and run out the door with breakfast in your hands or do you get up early and take your time for breakfast?
  14. Nighttime routine: What do you do before bed? Do you read a book, watch a show on Netflix or just play games on your phone?
  15. Sports/workout video: If you play any sports you can create a video about your training routine. If you go to the gym regularly show your viewers what exercises you do and how many sets and repetitions.
  16. Unboxing: If you recently bought something new, why not make a video unboxing your new product(s)?
  17. What I got for: Show your subscribers what you got for christmas, your birthday or anniversary and share why you asked for that gift.
  18. Giveaway: Give away some products you don’t use anymore to your viewers or work together with a company to create a giveaway. These videos usually get a lot of likes, comments and shares and will help your YouTube channel grow.
  19. Challenges: Challenges are very popular on YouTube. We created a list of 22 Fun YouTube Challenges To Do at Home With Friends with ideas for challenges, so if you are looking for challenges we recommend checking out that list.
  20. Tutorials: If you are knowledgeable about a certain topic, share it with your audience! Create a video about how you do your hair, how you create a website or any other area you are knowledgeable in.
  21. Holiday: If you are going on a holiday, create a video about your trip! Where did you go and why? What did you do and see on your destination?
  22. 10 Things I Do When I Am Bored: What do you do when you are bored? Play board games? Make a list of all the things you do when you are bored and make a video about what you do and why.
  23. Reacting to YouTube comments: Some of the YouTube comments on your videos can be hilarious, weird or funny. Read them out loud and record your reaction.
  24. Reacting to old videos: You can also react to your old videos. If you have been doing YouTube for a long time your old videos are probably pretty bad which can be funny to look back on and makes for some entertaining videos.
  25. What I Like About [insert topic]: Create a video about what you like about something or someone. Could be your car, your apartment, the sport you play, friends or family etc.
  26. Annoying things about [insert topic]: You can also create a similar video but what you dislike about that topic
  27. Best songs: Do a video on your current favorite songs, your favorite songs for in the car, your favorite songs for working out etc.
  28. Best movies: What are the favorite movies you recently watched? What are your all time favorites?
  29. Favorite TV shows: What are your current or all time favorite TV shows? The TV shows where you couldn’t stop yourself from watching an entire season in one day.
  30. Draw my life: Do a draw my life video where you tell your life story and illustrate it with drawings. You don’t have to have perfect drawing skills to create a video like this.
  31. Music video: If you can sing or play an instrument, cover your favorite song.
  32. Commentary on recent events: Share your thoughts on a recent event. This can be an event from your own life such as graduating or recent news stories.
  33. Rant video: Go on a rant about a topic that you have a strong opinion on. You can do a video on almost anything when you create a rant video. Sports, politics, entertainment etc.
  34. Shoutout video: Put someone who has supported you, your favorite YouTuber or your most active subscribers in the spotlight.
  35. Collaboration video: Do a collaboration video with another YouTuber. If you don’t know what to do, do a YouTube challenge or pick something from this page. Collaboration videos also help your channel grow since you promote each other to your audience.
  36. Best [insert topic]: Create a best product or a top 5 list of a topic that’s related to your YouTube channel. Your favorite camera, protein powder brand, shoes, makeup brush, game etc.
  37. Favorite YouTube videos or YouTubers: If you create YouTube videos you probably also watch other YouTubers’ videos. Share your favorite videos with your subscribers or any other YouTubers you are a fan of.
  38. Gameplay: Record yourself playing a game. If you don’t have any games installed or don’t own a game console you can also play simple games you can find online.
  39. Prank video: Pull a prank on someone and record it. There are many different pranks you can do but just make sure the other person can laugh about it too!
  40. Travel video: If you are traveling somewhere, film the journey and share it on YouTube.
  41. Cooking video: If you are cooking a good meal or if you are just baking cookies, it might make for a good video. Show your viewers how to cook or bake your favorite meal or cookies and share the recipe.
  42. Parody video: Mock another YouTuber or one of his/her videos. Maybe imitate the way to speak or create videos. Just don’t be mean!
  43. Review of product, game, movie or book: You probably watch tv series/movies, play games, read books or use products. Share with your audience what you like or dislike about any of these things.
  44. Interview: Interview a friend, family member or just a random person on the street.
  45. Time-lapse video: Record a cool time-lapse of the sun rising or setting, traffic passing by, the sky or something else with a lot of movement.
  46. Blooper compilation: While recording YouTube videos you probably mess up. A lot. Usually you cut these bloopers out to create a professional looking video but you can create a compilation of your funniest bloopers so you can still use this footage.
  47. Video contest: Ask your subscribers to create a video on a certain topic and make it a contest. The best subscriber submitted video wins.
  48. Talk about a charity that’s important to you: Share a charity that’s important to you with your subscribers to create more awareness.
  49. Informative video: If you know a lot about a certain topic, share it with your audience so they can learn more about it too!
  50. Tips or tricks for [insert topic]: If you know of any tips or tricks for traveling, sports, cooking or anything else. Share these tips and tricks with your audience so they can use these as well.
  51. Story time video: Tell a funny, scary or embarrassing story about yourself.
  52. My bucket list video: Chances are you have a bucket list of things you want to do before you die. Create a video about your bucket list and talk about everything that’s on the list and why you want to do that in your life.
  53. Goals video: Your bucket list are items you want to do somewhere in the future but your goals have a real deadline. Share you current goals like graduating, moving across the country, learning to play an instrument or learn another (programming) language.
  54. Video quiz: Create a cool video quiz for your subscribers and ask your viewers to comment their answers in the YouTube comments. You can also combine this with a giveaway (#18 in this list) and give a prize to the subscriber with the right answers.
  55. Cover and comment on industry news: If your YouTube channel is about a certain topic you can cover the industry news and share your thoughts on them.
  56. Remake an old video: Your old videos may not be up to the quality standards you have now, you can also recreate old videos and make them better.
  57. Artsy videos: If you can draw, paint or craft something. Create a video about it.
  58. Tell Why and How you started on YouTube: Share your story of how and why you got started on YouTube.
  59. Look at the trending videos for ideas: YouTube has a page dedicated to currently trending videos. You can use this page as inspiration and to see what topics are currently popular.

Beauty/fashion Video Ideas:

If you have a YouTube channel that’s dedicated to beauty or fashion we also have some ideas specific for these type of channels.

  1. Hair tutorial: Create a video about how you do your hair.
  2. Makeup tutorial: Create a video about how you do your makeup.
  3. Shopping haul: Show everything you bought in your latest shopping haul.
  4. Clothing collection: Show what clothes you currently have in your closet.
  5. Summer clothes: Show your favorite summer clothing you currently own.
  6. Winter clothes: Show your favorite winter clothing you currently own.
  7. What is in my bag: Show your viewers what’s in your bag.
  8. What I wore today/this week: This is similar to outfit of the day which is popular on Instagram. Record a short clip each day talking about your outfit and upload a compilation of these clips on Sunday afternoon.

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