5 Best DSLR cameras under 500

Top 5 Best DSLRs Under 500 Dollars

Over the last few years the prices of DSLR cameras have been steadily dropping as technology advances. This means you can now buy some great DSLR cameras for under 500 dollars. Whether you want to get into photography or want to record high-quality videos in Full HD. We have reviewed and picked the 5 best DSLR cameras you can buy right now for under $500.

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Best cameras under 100 dollar

5 Best Digital Cameras Under 100 Dollars

With technology quickly advancing, the prices of digital cameras have been quickly dropping over the years. This means you can now even pick up a high-quality digital camera for under 100 dollars. 100 dollars may be a very tight budget but if you search long enough you can find some great deals. To save you the time of endlessly clicking through Amazon we have reviewed and picked the 5 best digital cameras you can buy for under $100.

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5 Best Slow Motion Cameras

Top 5 Best Slow Motion Cameras

If you are looking to shoot high-quality slow motion video, you’ll need a camera that can record in very high frame rates. With so many cameras available that all shoot at different frame rates and resolutions the amount of information can be overwhelming. To make it easier for everyone that is interested in purchasing a slow motion camera we have picked the 5 best slow mo cameras currently available.

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Best digital cameras under 300

5 Best Digital Cameras Under 300 Dollars

Over the last few years prices of digital cameras have drastically dropped and you can now buy some great cameras for under 300 dollars. Wether you are looking to pick up photography as a hobby, want a new camera for traveling or just capture your favorite moments with family or friends. We have picked the 5 best digital cameras you can pick up right now for under $300.

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Casey Neistat Vlogging

Casey Neistat Camera Equipment Set-up

Biography Casey Neistat is a 35 year old creator of popular youtube videos, producer and director. Casey is also the co-founder of Beme, a social media company that has created an app to share unedited 4 second videos to your friends which they can respond to. Casey was born and raised in New London, Connecticut. He dropped out of high school at the age of 15 and did not return or graduate. From age 17 to 20 he worked as a dishwasher and lived in a trailer park with his girlfriend and their son, Owen. Casey then decided to move to New York City to chase his dreams as a filmmaker.

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GoPro Stabilizer Guide

Best GoPro Stabilizers To Create Better Videos

With each generation of GoPro cameras the image quality becomes better and better. The resolution increases, colors are more vibrant, sound becomes more realistic and the frame rate increases even further. However, GoPro can only stabilize the videos you shoot with your GoPro so much digitally. Since GoPro cameras are so often used in sports and other activities with a lot of movement this causes a lot of unwanted camera movement and shake in your videos which decreases the quality. To remove unwanted movement and vibration from your GoPro videos you can use a camera stabilizer. In this guide we’ll explain the different types of stabilizers available and review the best stabilizers you can buy.

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Best GoPro Gimbal Buyers Guide

Top 5 Best Gimbals for GoPro Cameras – Buying Guide

Over the last few years cameras have become smaller while the image quality has increased. The newer GoPro cameras can even record in 4K Ultra HD resolution allowing everyone to produce high quality videos. But GoPro’s are intended to be used in while you’re doing sports and outdoor activities which causes a lot of unwanted camera movement and shake. This means that even in the highest image resolution the video will not look professional because it looks extremely shaky. To create more stable video footage you will need a gimbal that counters any unwanted camera movement. A gimbal will make it look as it your GoPro is floating in the air. Even when you are running and recording with one hand.

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Best Tripod under 100 dollar guide

Top 5 Best Tripods Under 100 Dollar

A tripod is a very important piece of equipment in the life of any photographer or videographer. Tripods allow you to shoot steady and vibration free, in different positions and angles and are very handy when you want to photograph or record yourself when you don’t have someone else to handle the camera. But picking the right tripod can be difficult. It needs to reach a certain height. Be lightweight so it’s easy to carry around. And it definitely needs to be stable so your expensive camera equipment doesn’t fall over and break on the floor. This is even more difficult to find if your budget is under 100 dollars.

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Best video camera for kids

Best Video Camera for Kids – Buyers Guide

Young kids love creating new things and after watching their favorite YouTuber a lot of them want to start making videos. To help you find the best video camera for your child we have created this guide. First we’ll take a look at how to find the right video camera for your child(ren) and then we’ll do a short review on the best video cameras for kids.

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