YouTube Thumbnail Grabber – Get Any YouTube Thumbnail

View or download the thumbnail of your favorite YouTube video by using our handy YouTube Thumbnail Grabber. Just follow the steps to view or save the YouTube thumbnail.

Step 1: Paste your YouTube URL below

Step 2: Select the image quality and right click the image to save or copy the thumbnail URL




How To Get a YouTube Thumbnail

YouTube currently provides no options whatsoever to view or download a video thumbnail. If you know what you are looking for you can find the thumbnail URL in the source code of a YouTube page but that is unnecessarily difficult. To make it easier to grab a YouTube thumbnail we have created this YouTube thumbnail grabber.

Simply paste the video URL in the input field and our thumbnail grabber will automatically grab the thumbnail in four different image resolutions. Select the quality of the thumbnail, right click the image and click 'save image as'.

YouTube Thumbnail URL

If you want to embed the thumbnail on your own website, on a forum or on social media you can also use the thumbnail URL. The thumbnail URL is displayed directly below the thumbnail preview so you can easily copy the URL and paste it where you want.

YouTube Thumbnail Sizes

YouTube automatically generates four different versions of the thumbnail.

1080p or more: The highest resolution is at least 1080P but can also be larger. This depends on the image resolution of the thumbnail uploaded by the uploader of the video. If the uploader of the video uploads a higher resolution our thumbnail grabber will display the true resolution without downsizing.
720p: The second resolution is HD 720p.
480p: The third resolution is a lower quality 480p
360p: Our fourth and final resolution is lower quality 360p

Note: all previews appear the same size but when you download the image it will always download the image quality you have selected