Getting Started on YouTube

If you are new around here the amount of information might be a bit overwhelming. To help you we categorized all our articles so you can easily search by topic and see what articles we have available around that topic.


Vlogging has quickly grown in popularity and their lots of aspiring YouTubers looking to get started. Our guides will teach you everything you need to know about starting and running a successful vlogging channel.


This category contains all the articles related to YouTube in general. Information that could come in handy when running a YouTube channel such as monetization and video ideas.

Equipment for YouTube

There are a lot of different camera’s, microphones, lights, tripods and more available but which are best suited for YouTube? We have buyers guides for every type of equipment.

YouTuber’s Equipment

It can be hard to pick the right equipment for YouTube. To help you we also take an in-depth look at what popular YouTubers use so you can learn from the best.

Gaming & Streaming

Looking to start a gaming channel or want to start streaming games? You will need a microphone and a capture card to get started.

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