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Best Vlogging Camera of 2020 [Buyers Guide]

When you’re looking to buy a new vlogging camera you’ll quickly realize just how many options there are. You can spend hours researching and comparing different cameras but you only want to know one thing: what vlogging camera is the best for my budget? To help you answer that question quickly and save you some […] Continue reading
5 Best Slow Motion Cameras

Best Slow Motion Camera [2020]

If you are looking to shoot high-quality slow motion video, you’ll need a camera that can record in very high frame rates. With so many cameras available that all shoot at different frame rates and resolutions the amount of information can be overwhelming. To make it easier for everyone that is interested in purchasing a […] Continue reading

What Camera do Famous YouTubers Use? [2020]

Very often, people that want to start their own youtube channel are curious about which camera their favorite youtubers uses. This information can be hard to find. That’s why we did the research for you and save you hours of research! Continue reading
Vlogging Camera for Kids featured image

Best Vlogging Camera for Kids [2020]

Finding the right vlogging camera for your child can be very difficult depending on how old they are. But one thing is for sure, many children aspire to be like their favorite vloggers when they get older and can’t wait to start vlogging themselves. To help you find the best vlogging camera for your child […] Continue reading
Best Cameras with a Flip Screen

Top 9 Best Cameras With a Flip Screen [2020]

How many times have you taken a selfie, only to find out you were out of frame or focus? You are not the only one. Cameras with a flip screen make taking selfies easier since you can frame the shot before taking the picture.  Flip screen cameras are also excellent for vlogging because you can see […] Continue reading
Best camcorder for youtube

Best Camcorder for YouTube – Buyers Guide

If you are or want to become a YouTuber you will need a good video camera. Which camcorder you pick can have a big impact on the quality of your YouTube videos. To help you find the right camcorder for your budget and needs we have created this guide. Continue reading
Man filming

Best Camera for YouTube – Buyers Guide

Want to become a YouTuber? The first thing you need, after creating a YouTube channel, is a good video camera. Picking the right camera can make a big difference in the quality of your videos. This guide was written to help aspiring and growing YouTubers pick the right camera and will be continuously updated. Continue reading