Best GoPro Gimbal Buyers Guide

Top 5 Best Gimbals for GoPro Cameras – Buying Guide

Over the last few years cameras have become smaller while the image quality has increased. The newer GoPro cameras can even record in 4K Ultra HD resolution allowing everyone to produce high quality videos. But GoPro’s are intended to be used in while you’re doing sports and outdoor activities which causes a lot of unwanted camera movement and shake. This means that even in the highest image resolution the video will not look professional because it looks extremely shaky. To create more stable video footage you will need a gimbal that counters any unwanted camera movement. A gimbal will make it look as it your GoPro is floating in the air. Even when you are running and recording with one hand.

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Best Tripod under 100 dollar guide

Top 5 Best Tripods Under 100 Dollar

A tripod is a very important piece of equipment in the life of any photographer or videographer. Tripods allow you to shoot steady and vibration free, in different positions and angles and are very handy when you want to photograph or record yourself when you don’t have someone else to handle the camera. But picking the right tripod can be difficult. It needs to reach a certain height. Be lightweight so it’s easy to carry around. And it definitely needs to be stable so your expensive camera equipment doesn’t fall over and break on the floor. This is even more difficult to find if your budget is under 100 dollars.

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Best video camera for kids

Best Video Camera for Kids – Buyers Guide

Young kids love creating new things and after watching their favorite YouTuber a lot of them want to start making videos. To help you find the best video camera for your child we have created this guide. First we’ll take a look at how to find the right video camera for your child(ren) and then we’ll do a short review on the best video cameras for kids.

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Camera with flip out screen

Top 9 Best Cameras With a Flip Screen – Buyers Guide

Ever wanted to shoot over a crowd or shoot a low angle but couldn’t see the screen to preview your shot? Or how many times have you taken a selfie, then had to look at the preview screen on the back of the camera, only to find out you were out of frame, blurry or had your eyes closed? Flip screen cameras make things like taking selfies or shooting high and low angles a lot easier since you can preview your pictures and take the shot when it’s framed correctly. Cameras with a flip out screen are also excellent for vlogging since you can see if you are in frame the entire time while your recording.

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PewDiePie’s Recording Equipment Set-Up

Felix Kjellberg aka ‘PewDiePie’ is a Swedish YouTuber and gamer based in the UK. PewDiePie was born in Gothenburg, Sweden where he pursued a degree in industrial economics and technology management but dropped out to pursue a full-time YouTube career just a year after he created his YouTube account. His parents disagreed with his decision and did not support him financially so PewDiePie started working at a hot dog stand to fund his videos. In 2012, only one year after dropping out, PewDiePie reached 1 million subscribers on YouTube.

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Youtube video ideas

67 YouTube Video Ideas for Your Inspiration

Out of inspiration for new videos? Or looking for ideas for your first youtube video? Use our extensive list of YouTube video ideas as inspiration for creating new videos! Intro video: If you don’t already have a channel trailer so new subscribers can learn about your channel, now might be the perfect time to make one. Your channel trailer is a video that automatically starts playing when someone browses your YouTube channel page. Having an interesting intro video can help you get more subscribers. Ideas of your viewers: Your viewers probably leave a lot of comments on your videos about videos they want to see or things they want to know. So before you go through the list, make sure you listen to your viewers. Browse through your latest videos and go through all the comments. Are there any specific topics your viewers want to know about? Your viewers will appreciate it. Q&A: Viewers will also ask questions in the comments of your videos or on social media. Make a list of the most common or most interesting questions and dedicate a video towards answering all of your viewers’ questions. Vlogs: If you are not a daily vlogger but only publish videos occasionally your viewers […]

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Fun youtube challenges to do at home with friends

22 Fun YouTube Challenges To Do

Having one of those days where you want to create a new YouTube video but you just don’t have inspiration enough to think of unique ideas? Do one these fun youtube challenges! The benefits of doing a challenge are: Fast and easy to record, not much editing needed You don’t have to think of new ideas for videos, just follow the instructions Excellent for collaborating with other YouTubers or friends Challenges are easy to do at home Challenges always get a lot of views, laughs and shares to help your channel grow Of course you can also do these challenges with friends! YouTube Challenges With Food This list contains all the food related YouTube challenges. Be aware of any food allergies or choking hazards before picking or starting one of these challenges! Bean Boozled Challenge The Bean Boozled challenge is based on the different flavored jelly beans used in the Harry Potter movie. These jelly beans are a mix of good and terrible flavors and it will be a surprise which one you get. The challenge is fairly simple. First you order the Beanboozled Mystery Bean Set on Amazon or buy it at a shop near you.  Once you have the […]

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