Best Microphone for Youtube

Best Microphone for Youtube – Buying Guide

50% of your video is audio! Sound plays a vital role in your youtube videos, but a lot of youtubers are only worrying about what camera they should use. While a high quality camera is important to create high quality videos, you will also need a good microphone for youtube. Although most youtubers have a camera with a built-in microphone we don’t recommend using the built-in microphone for youtube unless you have no other options. Built-in microphones usually record very shallow sound, pick up a lot of unwanted background noise (passing traffic, other people’s voice in public) and do not filter out wind noise. This can make it difficult to hear what you are saying for your viewers. Thats why we recommend buying a dedicated microphone for youtube if you are serious about producing high quality videos and growing your youtube channel. Types of Microphones What microphone you should get really depends on the type of videos you want to produce. Here are the five main types of microphones and what youtube videos they should be used for: Lapel/Lavalier microphone: This is a clip-on microphone that is often used on TV shows or interviews. The main advantages of this type of microphone is that […]

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Vlog editing software guide

Best Vlog Editing Software

After you have filmed your vlog there is another important step to take before you upload your new vlog to Youtube, editing! When you are editing your vlog you can add your branding (intro, outro, watermark) but mostly you trim your footage, add or edit sound, add text or title screens or do some color corrections. Editing vlogs is relatively simple since you don’t need to add many special effects and just need to make sure you use your most entertaining footage and the video flows well. A lot of youtubers that have just started vlogging are wondering what video editing software they should use or what video editing software other popular vloggers use. To help you get started and be able to edit your vlogs into professional videos we have compiled a list of the best vlog editing software. Free Vlog Editing Software When you have just started vlogging there is no reason to immediately spend thousands of dollars on expensive and complicated video editing software. Chances are you already have video editing software installed on your computer which you can use to get started. Because these programs are free they are also limited in options they have. You can […]

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Best Motovlogging Setup: Camera, Microphone and Mounts

So, you are looking to get into motovlogging huh? Well luckily you’ve found the ultimate guide to help you start your own motovlog. Wether you are just looking to get started or you’re a more experienced motovlogger looking to update your equipment to produce higher quality videos. In this guide we will expand on the best motovlog camera, microphones and helmet mounts, highlight some of the best equipment so you have the right equipment to start motovlogging. This guide will be continually updated to feature the best current equipment on the market. So without further delay let’s jump right into it.

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Best Microphones for Gaming and Streaming

If you’re reading this you are probably looking to upgrade the microphone you use for gaming or streaming. Maybe you run a youtube channel and record gaming commentaries? or you are a Twitch streamer that is looking for a better microphone so you can better interact with your audience and stand out from other low quality streamers and youtubers. Audio plays a very important role in the overall production quality of your videos or streams because that’s how you interact with your subscribers/followers/audience. Although most laptops and smartphones come with a built-in microphone you can use to record, the difference in quality between these built-in microphones and a dedicated microphone is huge since the audio quality of built-in microphones are usually not high priority when creating these devices! Investing in a professional microphone will ramp up the quality of your videos and/or streams, make you stand out from other low quality youtubers and/or twitch streamers and will make viewers stick around longer. We have listed the best gaming microphones and streaming microphones for your budget.

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Ultimate Guide: The Best Vlogging Microphone

With technology becoming more and more accessible in recent years vlogs have gone from low quality cell phone videos to very high production quality videos. A very important part of this is a camera with good image quality so if you haven’t already head over to our Ultimate Guide to Buying a Vlogging Camera. But you really cannot underestimate the power of audio; it is just as important to have good video as it is to have good audio. A good vlogging microphone improves the quality of your voice but also reduces background noise and wind noise if you’re vlogging outside. Although most vlogging cameras come with built in microphones the quality will always be worse than a external microphone since the microphone is not the highest priority in a camera. No matter how much you have paid for your camera, investing in a good quality vlogging microphone will ramp up the quality of your videos.

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Capture Card Buying Guide – Best Capture Cards

If you’re looking to capture gameplay footage from your Playstation, Xbox, Wii or PC you will need to have a capture card. A capture card captures the video signal so you can edit gameplay on your computer, upload footage to youtube or stream to websites like and Ustream. In this buyers guide we will explain what you need to look for to select the best capture card and highlight some of the best capture cards in different price ranges so you can find the capture card that best suits your needs and budget. This guide features the best capture cards in 2016 and will be continually updated. So without further delay let’s jump right into it.

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